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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

IF&W releases Fishing Guide

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IF&W releases Fishing Guide

Folks test the fishing waters of Center Pond in Phippsburg.

(Times Record file photo)

Fishing in Maine — Let the Fun Begin

Friday, April 9, 2010 2:24 PM EDT
AUGUSTA — The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has come up with a new online service that is sure to have anglers hooked.

“The Maine Fishing Guide” is an online tool to assist anglers with locating Maine’s sportfish locations, along with giving fishermen ideas to plan their next outdoor fishing adventure.

According to IF&W, this tool is unique among the states and makes Maine a leader in providing information to anglers in a unique, useable format.

“Maine is a world class fishing destination, and The Maine Fishing Guide shows anglers why and where,” said John Boland, director of IF&W’s Fisheries Division. “This service is a great way for people to seek — and explore — locations throughout the state that they may not have heard about.”

The Maine Fishing Guide is configured on GoogleEarth software, which users may download onto their computer from the guide’s home page.

Who needs a fishing license in Maine?
AUGUSTA — A person is required to obtain a valid fishing license prior to fishing in inland waters or transporting fish taken from inland waters. A person is required to keep a fishing license at all times while fishing or transporting fish and must exhibit their license for inspection by any warden, department employee, guide or landowner upon request.

Possession of fishing tackle in the fields or forest or on the waters or ice in Maine without a fishing license is fishing in violation of the law.

When obtaining a resident license, it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit proof of residency.

Maine residents under 16 and nonresidents under 12 may fish without a license.

Maine residents (and immediate family members who live with that person ) may fish without a license from their own land if that person owns more than 10 acres of land, lives on that particular piece of land, and the land is used exclusively for agricultural purposes.

For cost information, visit the IF&W Web site at

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