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Friday, April 23, 2010

cormorant swallowing a foot-long pike:

Amateur photographer Stewart Canham snapped this amazing    photo of a cormorant swallowing a foot-long pike:
With its rows of needle-sharp teeth, the pike is a feared predator in the water world. But this one hadn’t a hope when a hungry cormorant decided it was supper time. The bird pounced on the foot-long pike with its hooked bill and pulled it to the surface of a lake.
The two antagonists grappled for a few seconds before, in one swift  movement, the magnificent bird extended and twisted its neck in preparation for supper. Its highly elastic throat allowed the cormorant to gobble the pike down whole within seconds.

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Anonymous said...

Surely he Did NOT swallow that thing? He would be able to take off again?

Do have a picture of him gobbled it?

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